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Republicans Fight Health Care Bill, Obama to Sign it Into Law Tuesday

Republicans are vowing to fight the health care bill and use it against Democrats in the mid-term election even though the bill passed Sunday night and the president plans to sign it Tuesday.

Republicans have “made it clear that they’ll try to stop progress based on a technicality,” House Majority Leader¬†Harry Reid, D-Nev., said on the Senate floor. “But with the substance… they’re powerless. The other side is still talking about the number of pages in the bill. We won’t stop talking about the number of lives that we’ll save.”


Pacific Northwest earthquake threat heightened?

At any given time, a massive earthquake could strike the coast of the northwestern United States and southwestern Canada, the site of the Cascadia Subduction Zone. Scientists have long known about the potential earthquake threat to major population centers like Portland, Ore., Seattle, Wash., and Vancouver, British Columbia…For more info¬†click here

Seth Practicing 2 Swords !