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Black Cherry Crush

Black Cherry Crush is NOT your typical indie garage band, fueled by the ferocity of Funk with a soulful pop edge, Black Cherry Crush was founded by Vocalist Fysah Thomas, bassist Harry Wirth and Guitarist Jakael Tristram who meet and became close friends while working together in the Legendary Seattle Cover band Hit Explosion. While the trio already had a working relationship, in the spring of 2008 they began getting together to write songs and collaborate idea’s but their new project didn’t fall into place until they teamed up with Producer Steven Scalfati and released their Debut Single “Dancing in the Moonlight”. Adopting the name Black Cherry Crush, the trio later added drums (George Argon) and the Keys of Alex Chadsey and started playing out in late 2009. By 2010 Black Cherry Crush ventured into the studio to record a 6 song EP. After a cascade of local success and appreciation for their single Black Cherry Crush is riding the momentum with the release of their Debut EP “Cherry Pop” Now Available on iTunes!


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