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Naked Erykah Badu video at Kennedy site stirs controversy


Building an Ampeg Heritage SVT-CL

Ampeg’s New Heritage Bass Amp Series are designed and assembled in the U.S.A., right down the street from Ampeg headquarters in Woodinville, WA. Besides being built out of the best possible components, the new Heritage line will undergo rigorous testing to make sure it looks and sounds like a piece of Ampeg history should.

Baby hates Miley Cyrus!

Republicans Fight Health Care Bill, Obama to Sign it Into Law Tuesday

Republicans are vowing to fight the health care bill and use it against Democrats in the mid-term election even though the bill passed Sunday night and the president plans to sign it Tuesday.

Republicans have “made it clear that they’ll try to stop progress based on a technicality,” House Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., said on the Senate floor. “But with the substance… they’re powerless. The other side is still talking about the number of pages in the bill. We won’t stop talking about the number of lives that we’ll save.”

Official Launch of !

Good Morning ;-)

My name is  “Scott Christopher”

aka “Scotty X” !

aka aka “ScottyXmusic”

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A little about me…

I am a musician and bassist, audio engineer and father of my wonderful 11 yro boy Seth !

My mission is to shake the dance floor with good funky grooves for people who still love live music

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Scotty X.

Free Wheelchair Mission

Founded in 2001, Free Wheelchair Mission is an international nonprofit organization dedicated to providing wheelchairs for the impoverished disabled in developing nations. Headquartered in Irvine, California, FWM works around the world in partnership with a vast network of humanitarian, faith-based and government organizations, sending wheelchairs to hundreds of thousands of disabled people, providing not only the gift of mobility, but of dignity, independence, and hope.

Lady Gaga Sued For $35 Million

Lady Gaga is being sued in $35 million lawsuit by a furious record producer who claims that he co-wrote her songs, came-up with her stage name and secured her record deal…Rob Fusari filed the suit in Manhatten and he has credits on hits such as Will Smith’s Wild, Wild West and Destiny’s Child’s Bootylicious.

Pacific Northwest earthquake threat heightened?

At any given time, a massive earthquake could strike the coast of the northwestern United States and southwestern Canada, the site of the Cascadia Subduction Zone. Scientists have long known about the potential earthquake threat to major population centers like Portland, Ore., Seattle, Wash., and Vancouver, British Columbia…For more info click here

Seth Practicing 2 Swords !